Q:What should be paid attention to when installing water tank?

A:In the ground installation of stainless steel insulation water tank tank, it needs to do a 1.5 meters above the foundation; Be sure to place it above the load-bearing walls of the building; Care should be taken not to install it in the long-term sun exposure environment; Avoid placing it in too humid environment, lest the water tank is prone to rust; Ensure smooth installation

Q:How to prevent the tank from being polluted?

A:It is forbidden to accumulate sundries around and on the top of the insulation water tank; Do not scratch the box body, the case is prone to rust after the damage to the internal drinking water quality; Regularly arrange personnel to clean up the water tank and carefully implement the cleaning procedures and specifications, the internal pollution of the stainless steel water tank.

Q:How to repair the leak in the glass steel water tank?

A:Plank crack leaks, seam is very small, can use sealant or water does not leak in the tank internal repair. Leakage at the joints indicates that the middle rubber strip is not clamped or the bolts are not tightened; Tighten the bolt; Four corners and leakage plugging place leakage, plugging unloaded, and put some rubber, re - installed.

Q:What are the criteria to be judged when testing the fiberglass water tank?

A:Focus on the following standards: crack or stratification, resin agglomeration, degree of porosity, wrinkles, metal dopants, etc.

Q:How long does it take to ship?

A:The contract is signed, and the deposit will be delivered within 3-5 working days after the payment is completed (except for special circumstances such as environmental inspection and production suspension).

Q:Is the invoice ordinary or special invoice?

A:It is a special VAT invoice.

Q:Will a professional install it?

A:The company has professional training of installation master, can provide on-site installation services.

Q:Are all the accessories needed for the water tank included?

A:Bolts, flanges, tendons, strips, tendons, gauges, channels and other basic accessories are available.

Q:How does the material of cistern want to choose?

A:General choice of fire tank glass steel, galvanized material; Drinking water tank SUS304 stainless steel; It is recommended to choose 316L stainless steel for production water and poor environment. This material has strong corrosion resistance.

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